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Young Parents Support Network (YPSN) is a small, non-profit organization whose mission is to support and empower young parent families.

Young Parents Support NetworkOur Impact Why We Exist

“It’s not often that you can say the word dignity, and mean it. But yes — I do feel like I have dignity here. For whatever I’ve been through, and whatever choices I’ve made, and for whatever reasons I’m ashamed of myself, in here, I am who I am moving towards being. I’m respected, and I can feel that. I feel more confident for my children’s safety, not terrified anymore — YPSN changed my life completely; I’m not worried I’m going to hurt them and that I’m going to do the wrong thing.”

The participants in YPSN’s programs are parents aged 13 – 29, who are often facing multiple and complex risk factors. The participants’ goals reflect their personal histories and experiences, and their hopes for their own and their children’s futures. Both participants and their children benefit from involvement, as systemic, long-term and sustainable positive changes take place in families’ lives.

Fun during drop-inOur Story What We Do

Young Parents Support Network (YPSN) is a small, non-profit organization that supports and empowers young parent families in the Coast Salish Territories (Victoria, BC).

YPSN was formed in 1994 by young parents who saw the need for an organization which would meet their unique needs and which they could have a strong voice in running. Young parents still have a strong voice today through our young parent board, and steering committees, and conversations with young parents.

Today, YPSN works to meet the needs of the young parent community through parenting programs and groups, as well as one-to-one services for young and expecting parents facing challenges in their lives. YPSN actively encourages parents to let staff know what services and programs would best meet the needs of the young parent community. Young Parents Support Network works to create community and provide meaningful services to young parents and their children in the Greater Victoria area.

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We Believe…

  • That honouring young families as they are promotes their sense of self-worth and enables them to identify and grow from their family’s strengths.
  • That everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • That everyone has the right to have their needs met. This means nutritious food, safe and affordable housing, clean water, education, meaningful employment opportunities, a living wage, honest information and other resources to create a happy fulfilling life.
  • That young people are sufficient and valuable, and we recognize and honour their lived experience and knowledge.
  • Having families participate in the leadership of the organization builds confidence and skills, reduces isolation and stigma, challenges stereotypes and expands community connections AND improves the organization as a whole.

A beautiful participant familyWhat You Can Do

"Giving is the antidote to emptiness. It is the meaning we seek, the cure for soul wounds, the spark of enlightenment. Generosity is the traction of spiritual evolution: We give, we grow." ~Danielle LaPorte

Take action and show young families in our community that you support them!

  • We provide effective and cost-effective service to Victoria's most vulnerable families;
  • Outcomes from our programs are excellent, in both the short and long term;
  • As a registered charity we can issue you a tax receipt;

What can you achieve?

  • Your $50 donation buys healthy food for a hungry child at weekly drop-in programs for one year (food brings families out to programs which ensure that vulnerable children are resourced and visible!)
  • Your $100 donation buys a kit of infant supplies for a new young mother living in poverty.
  • Your $240 donation buys emergency food vouchers for 12 hungry families.
  • Your $500 donation buys Outreach Support to connect and resource an isolated, struggling family for one year.
  • Your $900 donation buys Facilitation and childcare for a 6-week parenting education course for 12 young families living with complex risk, including poverty & homelessness.
  • Your $1300 donation buys one year of Perinatal Support Services for one vulnerable pregnant youth to ensure she has housing, food, medical care, counselling, and the healthiest possible baby.


Jacquelin Green
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 899037998RR0001

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