World Fisheries Trust

Dedicated to the equitable and sustainable use and conservation of aquatic biodiversity.

Our Impact Why We Exist

World Fisheries Trust, created in 1995, is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to the equitable and sustainable use and conservation of aquatic biodiversity. It acts locally and globally. The approach is multidisciplinary, matching solutions to problems, not problems to solutions.

Our Story What We Do

The organization is not an activist group, but rather works as an honest broker with all points of view and creditable scientific evidence.

We do scientific and social research, contribute to policy development and work on field implementation of solutions. Our particular expertise includes bridging the divide between technical solutions and societal realities, including tools for enhancing community engagement, public awareness, and societal equity.

The combination of local and international projects provides unique insights for this work, as well as providing a conduit between Canadian and international partners.

Our Programs How We Do It

The Eco Learning Hive is a coalition of environmental educators within schools and the community. It provides a one-stop shop for teachers to find an educational opportunity that fits with their classroom curriculum. By encouraging communication and connections, these partnerships lead to a quality environmental education network that is meaningful and accessible.

Find the local education experience that you need and get involved at:

What You Can Do

With financial support, the Eco Learning Hive will become well-used by teachers to support environmental education in their classroom curriculum and will encourage partnerships between organizations that will result in programs with higher attendance.

In order for the Eco Learning Hive to thrive and expand, donations are needed to help cover the cost of:

  • Development of promotional material
  • Outreach and promotion of the website
  • Building stronger teacher involvement
  • Regular network meetings
  • Continuing to improve website functionality
  • Development of a field trip fair highlighting the different programs available to teachers, parents and the public


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Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 532,047