Victoria READ Society

Everyone in society has the literacy skills to contribute to their full potential.

Our Impact Why We Exist

As a vibrant, community-based organization we help children, youth and adults gain literacy and essential skills, including reading, writing and mathematics. We respond to the emerging needs of our communities and collaborate to make literacy and essential skills accessible to all.

Our Story What We Do

READ believes…

  • Literacy is essential for children, youth and adults.
  • Learning occurs most effectively in a safe, caring environment that honours and addresses individual learning styles and needs.
  • Professional teachers are critical to the development of effective literacy and essential skills solutions.
  • Volunteers are integral to the services we deliver to the community.
  • Healthy organizations promote diversity, humour and creativity.
  • Sound financial management and services that meet identified needs will sustain the organization.
  • Relationships founded on honesty and integrity provide a foundation for effective solutions.

Our Programs How We Do It

Our business is learning

At READ we…

  • Assess individual and community needs
  • Collaborate to effectively meet learner needs
  • Inform programs by using best practices
  • Develop literacy and essential skills programs and curriculum
  • Teach individuals and groups
  • Advocate for our students
  • Facilitate community awareness and understanding about literacy and essential skills
  • Build confidence and capability in individuals

What You Can Do

About 20 per cent of our funding comes from donations. The remainder of our funding is obtained through fees-for-services, contracts, successful Request for Proposal submissions and grant proposals. Our programs and services support children, youth and families in low-income situations.


Trisha Chestnutt
Executive Director
250.388.7225 x101
Charitable Number: 119285179RR0001

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