Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival

The Victoria Film Festival brings the world to Victoria. Curating presentations of unique art, ideas and lifestyles from across Canada and around the world. Offering year-round screenings at The Vic Theatre, the Free B Film Festival, and FilmCan, a media literacy and hands on film-making classes for youth.

Polarization of generations is broken down at the Victoria Film Festival's Free B FestOur Impact Why We Exist

Wander down the rabbit hole, expect the unexpected, learn about the world, our region and the rest of the country. Be informed, amused, engaged and discover you belong. These are the experiences that Victoria Film Festival users have known and expect from our activities because on offer is something beyond unrealistic mainstream depictions. The Victoria Film Festival breaks down boundaries. Young and old go to the same films ultimately experiencing the wider community and seeing the bigger picture.

Since 1995 the Victoria Film Festival has been the centre for film on Vancouver Island. We share with people the opportunity to become media literate in a media-driven world. To see through someone else's eyes, discover their message, and be able to identify honesty from subterfuge. So much information comes at us everyday the skills the public requires is critical thinking. Important in the age of information.

Our Story What We Do

The Victoria Film Festival creates many events for the community that add greatly to the quality of life in the city.

  • Victoria Film Festival: 10 days of film pleasure and getting to know your world.
  • The Vic Theatre: Year-round for the movies you need to see.
  • Free B Film Festival: Free films screened in the park for all ages.
  • The Foodie Film Festival: Making the food-film experience visceral.
  • FilmCan: Preparing youth for the information age. Hands on filmmaking, school screenings, and filmmakers to schools.
  • SpringBoard: Introducing local filmmakers to Canadian and International industry players for networking and learning.

Our Programs How We Do It

We work to bring many grantors, donors and sponsors together to create Festival programs but sometimes we have to cancel great initiatives for lack of funding.

The Victoria Film Festival strives to stay current and assists our community in doing the same. One such program was ConVerge. A great on the street event that brought together short films screened on cutting edge technology in unusual spaces. It was vibrant, exciting and challenging as people wound their way around the downtown core delighting in how and where they came across short films. At the same time they got a sneak peak at new technologies that would change how they viewed media.

Filmmaker Basics was another great program that we can only do when we have the funding. A filmmaker goes into a classroom and gives hands on workshops to show them how to use their phones or cameras to create short films. The focus is on specific topics: lighting, editing in-camera, storytelling. As a side benefit the kids were also learning media literacy. The teachers adored the program and so did the students but we don't have the funds to keep going.

We are also struggling with increased fees for the films we screen. The rates have gone from a flat affordable fee to 50-60% of our box office, and we lost a key free venue when Empire Theatres closed down, putting more financial strain on the organization.

What You Can Do

The Victoria Film Festival adds to the vibrancy of life in Victoria and we hope to add vibrancy to the lives of people partnering with us whether as a volunteer, donor or sponsor. No matter what - there are always film tickets involved!

The Festival needs volunteers with marketing, fundraising, and venue management experience.

The Festival needs dollars to support unique programs.

The Festival needs to provide unique experiences and gifts to our famous guests.

There are many ways to get involved. Visit our website to learn how to volunteer for or sponsor an event


Kathy Kay
Festival Director
Charitable Number: 883954026RR0001

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