Victoria Child Abuse Prevention & Counselling Centre

Responding to children, youth and families affected by abuse and trauma in all its forms, by providing victim services, court preparation and support, counselling, prevention and education within the Greater Victoria community and consultation throughout the province of British Columbia.

Our Impact Why We Exist

To prevent the abuse of children and youth and to respond to the needs of children, youth and families who experience trauma or who may be at risk for abuse." The Victoria Child Abuse Prevention & Counselling Centre of works with families, schools, police, and professionals in family service, child protection, and community living services to ensure a coordinated, holistic approach to supporting children and their families. Our vision of a community free from child sexual abuse is realized one child at a time, as we work carefully with each child and family to offer hope, healing, and the tools needed to move on with their lives.

Our Story What We Do

The Victoria Child Abuse Prevention & Counselling Centre (formally the Mary Manning Centre) serves more than 200 children and families every year. We offer support to the child or children who were abused and all family members affected by the abuse.

VCAPCC staff work with families, schools, police and professionals in family services, child protection and community living services to ensure a coordinated, holistic approach to supporting children and families. We have various programs tailored to give each client individual plans to help overcome the trauma of abuse. The Victoria Child Abuse Prevention & Counselling Centre uses the client self-rating scale in conjunction with assessment tools to create a client-centered, collaborative individual treatment plan with individual goals. The therapist will review the plan and progress with the client to work towards your goals during the course of service. The agency makes its services accessible to all, and accommodates the needs of children and parents who have disabilities.

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Our Programs How We Do It


First contact with the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention & Counselling Centre is made with a member of the intake team from the Victim Service Program. Here an intake worker will obtain confidential information which is used for triage and urgency purposes to determine what service is needed by the child, youth and family. Forms for services as well as application for BC Crime Victim Assistance Program (if eligible) are filled out at that time. An orientation to the Agency takes place with the child, youth and their family after the referral has been completed.

Our services are available for individuals and their families who are, or think they might be, dealing with child sexual abuse problems. Individuals or their caregiver(s) can refer themselves by calling The Mary Manning Centre at: 250.385.6111.

Victim Services

Victim assistance is available for child and youth victims, witnesses, and family members throughout their involvement in the criminal justice process.

Victim Services provide support and information about the criminal justice system proceedings including court preparation, police and court accompaniment, follow-up, and referral.


Children and youth generally participate in individual counselling sessions which may include their parent or caregiver. Assessment and treatment plans are developed as part of the counselling process. Treatment modalities used by therapists are individualized to meet the need of the client.

All children and youth receive prevention education while in counselling, and group counselling is offered based on availability and client need.


VCAPCC provides child abuse prevention and education materials, training, and presentations in the community. In 2007, in partnership with other community agencies, we began work on a new initiative to address gaps in prevention programs in Greater Victoria. The agency has recently provided a number of presentations to children and youth in middle schools and high schools.

We are pleased to receive requests for presentations on child abuse awareness, education, and prevention. Our capacity to deliver these programs is dependent on fundraising and staff availability.

What You Can Do

Please visit our website to learn more about the services we offer, including community outreach, and to learn how you can support the work we do.


Sandy Bryce
Executive Director
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