Our Impact Why We Exist

We work with anyone for whom substance use has become a problem. There are no fees for Umbrella services; not ever.

Our Story What We Do

We all know someone for whom the use of alcohol and other drugs has become a problem. That person might be a neighbour, a friend, or a family member.

All of us at Umbrella have struggled — or watched a loved one struggle — with addiction.

That's where we learned the value of understanding, nonjudgemental acceptance, and support.

We have found profound respect for this complex and confounding illness.

Our Programs How We Do It

System navigation People are often overwhelmed by the many options offered by our system(s) of care. We offer friendly guidance to people affected by substance use and mental health issues; we help them connect to clinical and community services appropriate to their needs.

Ongoing support Many people are fragile at the beginning of their journey. Even when they are well-connected to clinical services, there is often a big gap between appointments. We can help to bridge that gap with face-to-face, telephone, text or even Facebook support.

Finding solutions to specific challenges We rarely meet people who struggle with just a single issue. We provide helpful assistance to our clients with regard to recovery planning, supportive housing, income assistance, child protection, probation and court appearances.

Supporting the family Umbrella works with family members to help them to better understand what is going on, and to help them manage understandable emotions — fear, anger and guilt. We encourage them to be supportive and helpful, without enabling old behaviours to continue.

What You Can Do

We need your help. If addiction has touched you or your family, please consider a donation, large or small.

Lend your voice and energy to this unique and growing organization in Victoria.


Sharlene Law
Team Lead
Charitable Number: 861867190RR0001

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