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Story Theatre Company is a story telling theatre company that was created for elementary school aged children to encourage the love of literacy by allowing them to experience words come to life through action. Communication and imagination are the focus of our shows.

The Wisdom of the OwlOur Impact Why We Exist

“When I first started working in theatre, I was fascinated by the total involvement of the audiences. I have very warm memories of kids with their eyes riveted on the action, their mouths open in amazement, and their bodies electric with the excitement of the momentʼs action. Their minds, bodies, and emotions were given so completely to what was being presented that it was a magical experience. I knew that I had to approach every storytelling event, every show, and every presentation with the same kind of fervour as shown by the students. I had to believe in the world that I was creating to match the belief demonstrated by the audiences. I created this company over 30 years ago to complement a classroomʼs curriculum and activities by designing shows to help a child understand language and literature. I keep in mind the joy of seeing an audience so truly involved that they forget they are learning.” - Jim Leard, Story Theatre founder

It was an unquestionable success, as the following response from a teacher demonstrates:

“Dear Cast and Crew, Wow! What a performance and what a powerful message!

The energy and dedication brought to your characters, story line and message was amazing. I am so thankful that we were gifted by your presentation and that our high school students attended it as well. They had rave reviews for your physicality, intensity and the way in which you brought home the point of your performance! I am also glad that I had a brief opportunity to speak with you afterwards. I love theater and they way you people bring your characters to life on stage was so enthralling and energizing!

Your show should be seen by ALL students, parents, teachers and school staff as well! We all can be challenged to reflect on our own interactions with people of all ages. Your message empowered us to speak up, to be supportive, and to not fall into the very thing we so dislike and are hurt by, ourselves, the power of negative speech, 'just joking' or not-so-subtle put downs. Everyone, at every age and stage of life, in some way or another, struggles with how to not be a 'bully' and how to deal with a bullying situation. Your message is always timely and true. Thank for emphasizing the importance of relationships in the context of some great singing and dramatic story-telling.

Your performance really encouraged me and blessed all who saw it! Really, a standing ovation to the entire team!”

Every story has a hero!Our Story What We Do

Formed by Jim Leard, Story Theatre Company has been performing in schools and communities across Canada since 1981, and has earned a reputation of excellence in theatre for young audiences.

Story Theatre Company is a registered, non-profit society whose mandate is to create productions for young audiences that enhance and complement the learning experience in the classroom. Our focus is to create shows that use the familiar content of folk tales, stories from the oral tradition, and classic literature as the vehicle to promote literacy and social responsibility.

We proudly continue our over 30 year tradition of original presentations mixed with music and interactive games that continue to delight audiences. For 33 years this professional company has been traveling from coast to coast in Canada; from Haida Gwaii to Newfoundland, from Whitehorse to Fredericton. We have regularly toured the United States with a special visit to the Smithsonian and a great adventure to Singapore for an international childrenʼs festival.

Story Theatre magically spins a Story.Our Programs How We Do It

All of Story Theatre's shows and programs are created with consideration of current curriculum, taken from the British Columbia Curriculum Guide. Presentations integrate the Core Competencies of the guide to ensure that the presentation helps to develop and re-enforce these intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies, resulting in deep and life-long learning.

Story Theatre shows foster communication - the imparting and exchanging information, experiences and ideas, exploring the world; thinking - knowledge, skills and processes associated with intellectual development; and personal and social skills - related to ones identity in the world, as individuals and as members of their community and society, to understand and care about themselves and others, and to find and achieve their purposes in the world. Each production has relevance to English Language Education, Arts Education and Social Studies curriculum.

Children enjoy a Story Theatre PerformanceWhat You Can Do

Story Theatre is a non-profit society and a federally registered charity. Registered Charitable Number 89892 8296 RR0001. Donations are an integral part of our ability to operate and help us to keep tour costs affordable to schools across the country. Please consider a tax-deductible donation either directly through Story Theatre or through CanadaHelps.Org.


Patricia O’Brien
General Manager
Charitable Number: 898928296RR0001

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