Sooke Transition House Society

We provide emergency shelter for women and their children who are in crisis resulting from family violence.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Since its incorporation in 1994, the Sooke Transition House Society has worked towards healthy, non-violent communities in which we may celebrate diversity and honour individuality. We value equality and strive to empower women and children of all races, spiritualities, sexual orientation and physical and mental capacity.

By promoting awareness of the issues of violence against women we strive to facilitate changes in public perception so that our culture will be no longer tolerant of any form of abuse or violence against women, children, men and all human beings.

We are most committed to working with young women in a preventative manner to provide them with an opportunity to awaken to their authentic selves and to discover a positive sense of self and direction.

As such, our Young Women Of Spirit program was developed in 2010 by Arlene Rees, Executive Director.

It was designed to educate young women about healthy and unhealthy relationships, to inform them of the reasons why a woman becomes vulnerable to dating abuse, and to help them develop their strengths, discover their passions, and empower their ability to achieve their goals in life while staying safe in dating and peer relationships.

In doing so, Young Women Of Spirit has also partnered with the powerful and positive mentorship of women who have established themselves in their world as inspiring role models. Together we seek to mentor young women towards becoming visionary leaders for a balanced culture.

Our Story What We Do

The Sooke Transition House Society (STHS) provides emergency shelter for women and their children who are in crisis resulting from family violence. STHS provides additional services and programming, in partnership with other organizations, in an understanding and compassionate manner, to care for the emotional needs of women and children who experience or bear witness to abuse, or are at risk of abuse, threats, or violence. We provide counselling, education and prevention, as well as advocacy, so that we may assist others to live free from effects of abuse and violence in all relationships.

Our Programs How We Do It

  • Annie's Place Transition House
  • Counselling Programs: Stopping the Violence, Children Who Witness Abuse, Outreach
  • Young Women Of Spirit

What You Can Do

Please consider registering to become a member of our society. For an annual minimum donation of only $10 you will help improve the lives within our local community. As a member you can decide on your level of involvement.

Your contribution will help ensure that women and their children who are in abusive relationships have support, a safe caring place to stay, and hope for the future.

Our shelter services are offered at no cost and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Arlene Rees
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 898824198RR0001

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