Scouts Canada Camp Barnard

Providing children, youth, and adults with a safe, nurturing setting to learn new skills and experience nature.

Children enjoying a camp fire. Our Impact Why We Exist

20,000 (projected for 2016) camper nights gets a lot of children and youth outdoors in the course of year. Camp Barnard is giving local youth the opportunity to put away their Gameboy, Nintendo and Wii long enoughto listen to the frogs, hug a 200 year old cedar, follow a squirrel, and paddle their own canoe. Scouting is about outdoor adventures, learning new skills, making friends and rising to new challenges.

Our goal is to ensure that in another 70 years, and beyond, children (both Scouting and non-Scouting) will be camping and learning in and about nature and the environment at Camp Barnard.

Our Vision

  • Provide safe, nurturing, clean, and sustainable facilities accessible to all.  
  • Support organizations in delivering age appropriate, exciting, challenging camping and outdoor discovery experiences which fulfill the needs of today’s children.
  • Maintain Camp Barnard as an environmental preserve and legacy for future generations.

Tenting at Camp BarnardOur Story What We Do

Camp Barnard provides, at reasonable cost, high quality outdoor programs for both youth and their leaders, easy access to outdoor resources and environments in the local area, and excellent facilities and equipment.

Currently the volunteer management committee (all members of Scouts Canada) subsidizes every young camper approximately $3.00 for each night they spend at Camp Barnard. That’s a subsidy to not only Scout and Guide groups, but schools, cadets, churches, parks and recreation programs, youth at risk, kids with illnesses and disabilities, to name but a few.

So you ask “How can Camp Barnard afford to subsidize rental rates like they do?” The reality is it can’t, not without the financial help of the community and our supporters.

Natural accessible areas like Camp Barnard are becoming rare. Scouts Canada and the volunteer Committee that operates the camp need the on going support of the community to ensure that this valuable asset is available for many future generations of young people to enjoy and explore the outdoors.

Scouts Canada, Canada's leading youth organization, offers programs for boys, girls and youth ages 5-26 in thousands of individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada. Over 74,000 young people enjoy Scouts Canada's programs, which are provided by 23,000 caring and dedicated volunteers. Worldwide more than 28 million youth and adults take part in Scouting programs in 217 countries and territories. Facilities like Camp Barnard are a vital resource to all Scouting and Guiding groups.

However, Camp Barnard is more than a Scout camp, it is a community resource. Used by a diverse variety of groups for extended camps, weekends and day use. More than half the users of this facility are not Scouting groups.

PJ 2015 program staff relaxing at Young LakeOur Programs How We Do It

Camp Barnard is an amazing rental facility for the youngest/least experienced camper to develop skills and confidence in a residential camp setting to back country sites for more advanced leave-no-trace camping.

  • Commercial kitchens and large dining halls
  • Four cabin circles each with six cabins sleeping 8
  • Two large, connected lodges
  • Canoe and archery rental
  • Swimming, hiking and nature trails
  • Fields and activity shelters
  • Day and overnight, weekend and weekday rentals

Who Can Use Camp Barnard?

A diverse selection of groups and organizations see Camp Barnard as an ideal venue for their programs. In addition to Scouting and Guiding groups each year we host:

  • School groups
  • Parks and recreation programs
  • Church groups
  • Youth at risk programs
  • Adults and youth with special needs
  • Festivals/events
  • Community organizations
  • Music, art, and creative programs
  • Team building/education
  • Local, national and international groups
  • Limited private functions

Camp Barnard Archery What You Can Do

Camp Barnard is a unique recreation area available for rent by youth groups. Keeping its infrastructure up-to-date, safe, accessible and environmentally sustainable is critical to the preservation of this community resource.

To accomplish this much community support is required.  Camper fees alone do not cover operating costs and certainly don't allow for the building upgrades, water system improvements, etc. that are a constant at a highly developed and well-maintained facility. Scout and Guide groups, schools, cadets, churches, parks and recreation programs, youth at risk, kids with illnesses and disabilities and more use Camp Barnard. Their rental rates would have to be doubled or tripled to cover all costs were it not for on-going community support .

So you ask “How can Camp Barnard afford to subsidize rental rates like they do?” The reality is it can’t, not without the financial help of the community and our supporters. 


Grace Seabrook
Fundraising Executive
Charitable Number: 107761694RR0203

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Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 175,000