Ptarmigan Music and Theatre Society

Providing arts outreach programs for isolated and marginalized communities, focusing on the Southern Gulf Island and the greater Victoria, BC area.

Our Impact Why We Exist

We exist because we believe that when you bring artists and people in need of healing together, magic happens.

For years now, Ptarmigan has reached out to the community and asked, "Who is in need of healing? Who is slipping through the cracks?" Once we've identified those groups, and a partnership has been forged, we've done what we do best: offer arts programs, opportunities and workshops to those people. Sick kids have been given the chance to show their talents and make an audience laugh, isolated seniors have bonded while making music together, non-verbal autistic youth have dared to participate in a dance class, island communities have learned about themselves through storytelling sessions. We give everyone the chance to discover their inner artist, and to allow their own art — their own unique voice — to be expressed. It is our belief that this simple, yet profound, act can transform the quality of life for so many who struggle.

Our Story What We Do

Ptarmigan Music and Theatre Society is a registered, charitable arts organization with a mandate to deliver community arts outreach programs. We have been in existence for 25 years, and have a solid track record of coordinating and delivering successful, innovative and inspirational artistic workshops for our communities in areas such as music, theatre, dance and the visual arts. We work to ensure our educational programs are accessible to all, and run those programs for people ranging in age from seniors to preschoolers.  Our clients include schools, community groups, seniors’ centers, homeless shelters, and facilities that serve clients with disabilities and disadvantages.  Ptarmigan’s work helps all members of our society, especially those who are marginalized due to isolation, poverty or health, to live healthier, happier and more engaged lives.

Ptarmigan programs are offered at low cost or no cost, in order to ensure that they are accessible to all members of our society. We focus on community building through the arts and work to ensure that our programs are presented in accessible community venues and are readily available to people who are challenged by financial, physical or mental disabilities.

Currently Ptarmigan is concentrating on providing arts programs in the Southern Gulf Islands and Southern Vancouver Island. 

Our Programs How We Do It

At any given time, we will be running twenty to thirty programs/projects/events throughout the Southern Gulf Islands and in the city of Victoria/southern Vancouver Island. This doesn't include the initiatives we sponsor, which is usually well over a dozen. 

Currently, we have three teams of artists in the city of Victoria unfolding programs with partners like Cool Aid Society, Victoria Native Friendship Centre, and various seniors centres like Beacon Hill Villa and James Bay Care Centre. We have been touring teams of artists throughout the Southern Gulf Islands to bring various arts workshops and events like Shakespeare On The Islands to those communities. On Pender, we continue our Artists In The Schools initiative with a guest artists providing quality band/music instruction and a very popular lunchtime Glee Club. In the youth arena, we also are providing an on-going dance program, the Pender Island Youth Orchestra, an annual youth film festival and talent show, a musical theatre 3-day intensive, as well as various workshops. We've got Adult Improv classes offered, as well as Music Theory for Beginners, and our partnership with Pender Island Health Care Society has been going strong as we continue to provide the arts component of their new Community Gathering initiative which targets isolated seniors on the island. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For a small organization with only 2, part-time employees, Ptarmigan's offerings are numerous and well-received. To find out more visit our new website at

What You Can Do

We are always interested in finding more partners who would like to access our services, especially in the Greater Victoria Area. Monetary donations will help supplement our grant monies to hire more artists, maintain the instruments, rent the venues, and pay for the transportation needed to bring more of our excellent arts programs to more worthy participants.


Krista J Konkin
Artistic Director
Charitable Number: 128369782RR0001

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Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 100,000


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