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The Prostate Centre supports men with prostate concerns or prostate cancer by offering free personalized services and programs, and by advancing local cancer treatment research.

Prostate Centre supports men with prostate concerns or cancerOur Impact Why We Exist

There is a clear and important role for Community Based Health Organizations (CBHOs) such as that of The Prostate Centre (TPC) in helping patients develop coping strategies for life before, during and after treatment. TPC has been filling a much-needed gap in our community, helping men and their families through the decision-making and healing phases of prostate cancer. From prevention and screening, to treatment and recovery, we provide support every step of the way. Many prostate cancer survivors and their partners suffer in silence. Unexpected physical and emotional challenges occur as a result of diagnosis and treatment, ultimately affecting the entire family unit. Giving patients easy access to a health care provider, such as those accessible at The Prostate Centre, it is proven to increase patient’s quality of life, create stronger family units, and less financial and resource burdens on the health care system.

The Prostate Centre is in a fortunate position, having a Resource Nurse and experienced group of medical volunteers continually developing a philosophy of community care for men with prostate cancer or other prostate health concerns. TPC also has an innovative Board of Directors and committed staff, who are currently developing long-term strategies to broaden the scope and delivery of care to men and their families. As an organization, our goals continue to focus on raising the level of prostate cancer awareness through education and outreach, improving the quality of care and follow-up services provided to men affected by prostate cancer, and improving the effectiveness of treatment through support, resources and ongoing program evaluation.

Prostate CentreOur Story What We Do

Prostate cancer is the leading type of cancer in men: one in seven Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. In 2013, it was estimated that 811 men on Vancouver Island were diagnosed with prostate cancer, and 109 died from it.

Prostate cancer has likely touched your life, or the lives of men you know.

The Prostate Centre provides advice, education and support for men and families on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands who are dealing with prostate cancer, as well as sponsoring research projects related to prostate cancer treatment and care.

Prostate Centre community programsOur Programs How We Do It

Community Education and Awareness

Through various forms of outreach, we are working to educate people about prostate cancer and promote early diagnosis at a curable stage. By raising the level of community awareness about the incidence of prostate cancer, we are encouraging earlier detection and more effective treatment of the disease.

Patient Counselling

Clients can meet with volunteer nurses who have specialized knowledge about prostate cancer and prostate health. These counselling sessions take place in the Centre itself, or clients can arrange to have a phone consultation with a volunteer nurse, which makes our services accessible to the up-island population. Our counselling services are for men in the pre-treatment decision-making stage, men who are in active treatment, and those men who are dealing with survivorship issues.

Patient Follow-Up

By following up with men who have finished active treatment for prostate cancer, we are trying to coach men to commit to maintaining their health goals and adhering to post-treatment disease monitoring. Improving the health of clients post-prostate cancer treatment requires transforming a system that is essentially reactive – responding mainly when a person is sick to one that is proactive and focused on keeping a person as healthy as possible.

Our goals are to support men in their cancer journey, to encourage ongoing adherence to surveillance in this population, and to monitor risks of disease recurrence, therefore reducing the cost to the health care system via duplicate visits to clinics and family doctors.

Collaboration and Research

The Prostate Centre plays a proactive role in supporting local research which has direct benefit to men right here in our community. Through our partnership with the Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live – Vancouver Island, we have been able to contribute more than $250,000 to support local research towards a cure and improved prostate cancer treatment. For more information on the research projects we have been able to fund through the Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live, visit their website or call The Prostate Centre for more information.

support Prostate CentreWhat You Can Do

Since opening its doors on November 1, 2000, The Prostate Centre has evolved to meet the increasing needs of prostate cancer patients and their families as they seek quality information and a human interface when educating themselves on prostate cancer treatments and prostate health issues.

There are many ways to help, from making a donation, to volunteering, to participating in a special event, to planned giving. Please explore our website for more information about how you can make a difference in your community and help local men who have been diagnosed with cancer. Please feel free to contact The Prostate Centre at 250.388.0214 to discuss how you can support its valuable work.


Leanne Kopp
Executive Director
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