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Literacy Victoria is the only organization on lower Vancouver Island that offers free tutoring in basic literacy - reading, writing, math, and computer literacy - to adults 18 years of age an over. Our learners are some of the region's most disadvantaged citizens who have no other place to turn for help. They are evaluated and then thoughtfully matched with an appropriate volunteer tutor. Tutor and learner pairs meet, usually weekly, for focused, individualized tutoring. Literacy Victoria has helped thousands of learners improve basic skills that lead to increased self-esteem, self-worth, and often employment.

Our Impact Why We Exist

During its 27 years in Victoria, Literacy Victoria has transformed thousands of lives by providing individualized, specialized one-on-one tutoring to some of our community's most disadvantaged citizens. We help those who the system has left behind — adults who emerge from the school system without the basic reading, writing, math, and/or computer skills to function effectively in today's society. We also help those who have suffered brain injuries and have to relearn basic skills that most of us take for granted. Sadly, in BC, it is estimated that 25% of our population struggles with literacy in its various forms. Those people often question their self-worth while dealing with survival issues caused by poverty and other hardships. We aim to improve skills that will lead to employment or the ability to seek further education whilst at the same time raising self-esteem. Literacy Victoria provides a nurturing, safe, caring environment for people who have the courage to walk through our doors and ask for help. We connect with other organizations in the community who serve similar clients and work with them to improve the over-all well being and situation for our mutual clients.

Learner-tutor pair.Our Story What We Do

At Literacy Victoria we pair learners with volunteer tutors. Tutors are carefully chosen, trained, and then matched with learners who need help in areas where the tutor has expertise. Tutors and learners meet weekly, one-on-one, in an agreed place. They work together to improve basic skills in areas such as reading, writing, math, or computer literacy. Often the focus in on workplace literacy to help prepare learners to enter (or re-enter) the workforce. All tutoring is free so cost is never a barrier to learning. All tutoring is also focused on an individual's need which means all tutoring is specialized and unique. We do not follow a set curriculum. As a result our tutors work very hard to ensure that the sessions they have with their learners are meaningful, relevant, and practical.

Our Programs How We Do It

Our Learner's Network is our core program whereby learners and tutors are matched by our coordinator for free one-on-one tutoring. We operate out of a small office within the Disability Resource Centre on Fort Street. Tutoring takes place off-site in coffee shops, at the Greater Victoria Public Library, or in other public places. Our administration costs are kept to a minimum and we operate almost exclusively with volunteers. However, we need support to keep our small office open, to pay one member of staff, and to provide training and training materials to our tutors.

What You Can Do

We live for our success stories. You can help Literacy Victoria create these in a variety of ways. Securing sufficient funds to keep our organization going is a big challenge, and cash donations of any amount are very gratefully received. Tax receipts are provided for all donations over $35.

We are always looking for dedicated tutors who are prepared to devote a few hours a week to helping those less fortunate than themselves.

We also require volunteers to help with specific functions or tasks. If you have an interest in participating in Literacy Victoria by helping with fundraising events or initiatives, please contact us.


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