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Since 1987, the Pacific Salmon Foundation has funded and led on projects that conserve, restore and enhance wild Pacific salmon conservation in B.C. and the Yukon.

Spawning Sockeye SalmonOur Impact Why We Exist

More than 130 species of plants and animals depend on salmon: from algae and mosses to bears, whales and people. For salmon to survive and thrive, these genetically diverse fish need access to healthy habitat, food, good water quality and enough water in streams. Achieving healthy, sustainable and naturally diverse Pacific salmon stocks requires time, money and dedicated people.

Our Story What We Do

The Pacific Salmon Foundation was established in 1987 as an independent, non-governmental, charitable organization to protect, conserve and rebuild wild Pacific salmon populations in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

The Foundation:

  • Raises money and makes grants to volunteer community groups that conserve and restore streams across the province.
  • Manages watershed initiatives in British Columbia that catalyze industry, First Nations, provincial and federal governments, and other non-profits.
  • Advances science to improve the understanding of factors that limit the abundance of Pacific salmon.
  • Works with government to prioritize and facilitate strategic salmon conservation in the province.

Streamkeepers conduct species sampling in the Goldstream RiverOur Programs How We Do It

Salish Sea Marine Survival Project: Over the last 20 years, stocks of Coho, Chinook and Steelhead have declined by more than 90 per cent in the U.S. - Canadian body of water called the Salish Sea. In October of 2013, the Pacific Salmon Foundation launched the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project in partnership with Seattle-based non-profit Long Live the Kings. The five-year $20 million initiative is focused on research and recovery of key habitat to help bring these stocks back, with Canadian efforts based in the Strait of Georgia. To date, $8 million of the needed $10 million budget for Canadian efforts has been raised. Currently the list of partners for the project is 40 and growing. Partners represent industry, government, academia, First Nations, community groups and more. Many partners have provided access to salaried staff, labs, high-tech equipment, boats, research and development time and more, helping to double the impact of donations to the program. To become a part of this initiative, visit the Pacific Salmon Foundation website  or contact our Business Development Officer Cory Matheson at or 604-664-7664 ext. 106.

Community Salmon Program: Since 1989, the Pacific Salmon Foundation has supported more than 300 volunteer streamkeeping groups across the province. Streamkeepers do the heavy-lifting for salmon by operating hatcheries, delivering classroom education programs, restoring sensitive stream habitat and monitoring local watersheds. Unfortunately, every year the Foundation is forced to turn-down about half of qualified project proposals due to lack of funds. To learn more about supporting the Community Salmon Program, visit the Pacific Salmon Foundation website or contact our Business Development Officer Cory Matheson at or 604-664-7664 ext. 106.

Salmon-Safe B.C. is an eco-certification program that encourages farmers to use agricultural practices that protect salmon habitat. To date, more than 40 farms and vineyards across British Columbia have achieved Salmon-Safe certification. In 2014, the first beer using Salmon-Safe hops was launched called "Spawning Sockeye Ale." To learn more about the program visit the Pacific Salmon Foundation website or contact our program manager Costanza Testino at or 604-664-7664 ext. 118.

What You Can Do

Here are five easy ways to support the work of the Pacific Salmon Foundation:

1. Make a tax-deductible donation through our secure online portal as

2. Text SALMON to 45678 to make a $10 tax-deductible donation

3. Shop our online store for artwork, accessories and apparel that supports salmon conservation in B.C.

4. Talk to your financial advisor to learn how you can donate shares of a publicly traded company or contact us for more details at 604-664-7664.

5. Contact our Business Development Officer Cory Matheson to learn about getting your business involved with the Pacific Salmon Foundation at or 604-664-7664 ext. 106.


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