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Our mission is to support the aspirations of Pacific Islanders for peace, justice, environmental sustainability and development.

Pacific Peoples' Partnership logoOur Impact Why We Exist

Pacific Peoples’ Partnership is celebrating 40 years of action. We are Canada’s only non-profit, NGO social justice organization devoted exclusively to working in solidarity with peoples of the South Pacific to promote their aspirations for peace, justice, environmental sustainability and community development.


  • promote increased understanding among the Canadian public and decision-makers of issues of importance to the people of the Pacific Islands,
  • recommend policy change at a national, regional and international level,
  • foster the development of sustainable communities in the Pacific islands, and
  • facilitate links between peoples of the Pacific islands and Aboriginal Canadians.

Our Story What We Do

Pacific Peoples’ Partnership is a Canadian non-governmental organization and registered charity that, since 1975, has worked with Indigenous and civil society partners across the Small Island Developing States of the South Pacific (Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia) and First Nations across Canada on rights-based sustainable development initiatives that enable communities to harness their own creativity to address poverty, environmental degradation and loss of culture. As a longstanding member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation we are committed to the very best practices of the sector and in full compliance with their code of ethics.

Our Programs How We Do It

Pacific Peoples’ Partnership’s activities reflect the changing needs and issues facing peoples of the South Pacific as they work to establish peaceful and sustainable communities, livelihoods and futures. We work in solidarity with Pacific islanders by drawing on modest resources available here in Canada. With the support of the Canadian government, church solidarity networks, private charitable foundations and the generous donations from individuals, we have built a dynamic array of programmes over the years leading to long-stranding relationships of common cause with groups in the Pacific and Canada.

Pacific Peoples’ Partnership has long recognized the commonalities of experiences and struggles shared among indigenous peoples of the South Pacific and the First Peoples of Canada. Our programmes seek to facilitate links between these two communities in an effort to stimulate an exchange of knowledge, ideas, experiences and strategies that strengthen mutual efforts for change. While our programmes are driven by the needs of people in the Small Island Developing States of the South Pacific, they offer opportunities for First Nations of Canada and indigenous peoples of the Pacific to explore their common concerns and engage meaningfully in international development initiatives.

South Pacific ChildrenWhat You Can Do

The work of Pacific Peoples' Partnership is sustained by the commitment of generous donors across North America and the Pacific. Please help us continue to support the innovative work of our partners as they strive to realize their own vision of social and economic development and change, and to create communities rooted in peace and social justice.


April Ingham
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 119254977RR0001

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