Oak Bay Volunteer Services Society

Oak Bay Volunteer Services provides one-to-one volunteer services to individuals of all ages including seniors, persons with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, other health challenges, low income and any others in need.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Established in 1977, the agency began as the result of a recommendation made by the Community Services Survey. Since then, Oak Bay Volunteer Services has provided much needed services to many Oak Bay residents in need!

Many Oak Bay residents are without the supports that they need to access services on their own.

One client who had hand surgery, a foot injury, glaucoma, arthritis and anxiety about going out provides an example of building social connections. She wrote us this saying that when she started with us two years ago she felt "utterly lost". Then she found she could get volunteer help to get to her medical appointments, help to get to the pharmacy and assistance with grocery shopping. In expressing her gratitude she stated, "I attribute the current quality of my life to this wonderful establishment and their superb and willing volunteers." She further commented, "I could not do it without you!"

Our Story What We Do

Oak Bay Volunteer Services provides one-to-one volunteer services to individuals of all ages. The purpose is to maintain independence, improve quality of life and reduce isolation. Oak Bay residents are able to connect to and access services and supports that they need through the provision of volunteer services. Assistance is given to individuals who have a wide range of physical, mental and emotional challenges. There are often multiple, complex and chronic needs. Volunteers are supported to provide the highly individualized volunteer services.


Our Programs How We Do It

  • DRIVING - Driving is for individuals who are unable to manage by taxi or bus. Volunteer drivers provide personal assistance to ensure that clients make it safely to and from their destination. Drives are for medical and other appointments, shopping, errands, activities, recreational rides, etc.
  • VISITING - Volunteers visit for companionship. Visits can include providing relief to a caregiver.
  • WALKING OR WHEELCHAIR PUSHES - Walking is for support or companionship. This activity can include wheelchair pushes.
  • REASSURANCE PHONE CALLS - Phone calls can be provided daily or periodically for socialization and/or reassurance that the client will receive attention should an injury occur. If necessary, the police will check and arrange medical attention. The calls can be on a short or long-term basis.
  • INCOME TAX RETURNS - Returns are prepared for individuals in lower tax brackets. Volunteers receive training via webinars from Canada Revenue Agency.
  • MINOR REPAIRS - Repairs could include small carpentry, electric, plumbing, and painting jobs when a job is too small for a paid worker, where advice is needed or when a client cannot afford paid help.
  • GARDENING - Small gardening jobs include mowing, weeding, pruning, and digging when a client cannot afford paid help.
  • MISCELLANEOUS - Activities include swimming, packing and unpacking, moving small furniture, mending/sewing, tutoring, cards, chess, crib, scrabble, assisting with babies, children and teenages, etc.

What You Can Do

Oak Bay Volunteer Services always welcomes new volunteers to our team! We want our volunteers to have enjoyable worthwhile experiences. Their gift of time and effort is a very special service to the community. Volunteers have flexibility to chose when and how often they take on an assignment.

Donations and bequests are always welcomed and an official receipt for tax purposes is issued. The society is very grateful for financial support from individuals.


Joan Halvorsen
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 890545999RR0001

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