NEED2: Suicide Prevention, Education and Support

NEED2′s goal is suicide prevention, education and support. We are working to create a suicide-free community, province, country and world several steps at a time. Vision Statement: Caring communities without suicide

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Do you know that:

  • 2 youth or young adults die every single day in Canada from suicide.
  • 10% of youth and young adults seriously consider suicide as the option to their emotional pain.
  • 5% make an attempt.
  • In the Capital Regional District one youth needs medical intervention to save them from a suicide attempt, every day, all year.

We can help end this tragedy by encouraging governments to do more, by raising awareness, by paying attention to each other, by supporting suicide prevention efforts, and by making some noise about it! See our TURN IT UP campaign at

TURN IT UPOur Story What We Do

One of the biggest myths is that talking about suicide encourages it. Wrong. 

Not talking about it encourages isolation and stigma and stops people from reaching out and asking for help. 

Together, we can break the silence through our noise campaign. We can let people know they can make a difference and help inspire others. Suicide is not something we can leave to the experts; there are not enough experts to go around. We are all qualified when it comes to human caring.

At any TURN IT UP event MAKE SOME NOISE when you see our logo. 

You are making noise for those you love. You are saying they can reach out to you. 

You will listen, you will talk, you will help. 

As compassionate people, our willingness to talk is the first step in helping to end the tragedy of suicide. 

We are primarily a volunteer driven organization with highly trained and staff supervised volunteers online every night of the week from 6pm to 11pm (and to 12am on weekends) through to connect with youth who are suffering and needing help. We find many youth suffering from self harm, emotional distress and violence including bullying and sexual abuse. We work with youth considering suicide and help them get help. We often intervene and save lives directly. is growing because the demand is overwhelming but we can not get to everyone we can help because of funding shortages. We focus on keeping youth alive and giving them the opportunity to make it through their issue so that they can have a life. Please help. 

Our Suicide Awareness for Youth program is also a primarily volunteer program with these wonderful volunteers going into local middle and high schools to talk with sudents about suicide and how they can help themselves and help their friends. We find many youth needing help in these presentations and we connect them with counsellors to assure they have the opportuntity to get help. In fact our statistics match those of larger research organizations which reveal that some 12% of school age youth seriously consider suicide as the answer to their problems.

What You Can Do

Text NOISE to 45678 and donate $5 right now... believe it or not all those small donations help. $5 gives us about 60 minutes of chat time with youth in serious trouble and we can help them. For the price of a coffee you might just save a life. It happens, it happens a lot.

We need funding to maintain our services and help save these kids. It's that simple.


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