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Healthy lands, healthy waters and a healthy, caring community

Metchosin Foundation LogoOur Impact Why We Exist

We exist to:

  • Encourage and support the rural nature of Metchosin
  • Support and maintain a harmonious community, and
  • Preserve and safeguard Metchosin’s unique ecosystems, flora and fauna for the benefit of all Canadians.

Matheson LakeOur Story What We Do

Our goals:

1. To organize or participate in environmental projects designed to:

(a) Preserve and protect flora and fauna.

(b) Preserve, protect and restore rivers, lakes, wetlands, ground water and marine areas.

(c) Improve the rural and/or urban environments.

2. To educate and increase the public's understanding of the environment and/or community development by offering presentations and seminars and by collecting and disseminating information on those topics.

Our work is carried on without personal gain for Metchosin Foundation members or the executive board. All income, profits or other accretions to the Society are used in promoting the purposes of the Society.

Moon risingOur Programs How We Do It

Please visit our website to learn more. It can be found at

Pacific YewWhat You Can Do

You can:

1. Become a member of the Metchosin Foundation. Your annual membership fee helps to support our programs.

2. Consider a financial donation, either a one-time donation, a memorial gift, or pre-arranged monthly gifts.

3. Support our work through through your estate planning. Your estate planning can benefit our programs through direct monetary contributions to specific programs, an in-kind gift, a legacy and/or bequest, or through a charitable trust. You can also name the Foundation as a beneficiary of an RRSP or a life insurance policy;

Your gifts will help to create legacies that last far into the future. You will be helping to facilitate conservation covenants and other initiatives that will protect wild and special places in perpetuity.

You can use the donate button on our web site. It can be found here:

It will guide you through the process of donating by directing you to a secure online site used my many charities. You may also download the Membership and Donation form here:

and mail in your membership fees and/or contribution.


Carol Carman
Charitable Number: 815761556RR0001

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