Men's Trauma Counselling Society

To provide psychological and practical support to males sixteen years and older who suffer from the effects of trauma, in order to facilitate their emotional healing.

Men's Trauma CentreOur Impact Why We Exist

The Men’s Trauma Centre exists to provide treatment and support services to adult and late adolescent males who are survivors of physical, emotional or sexual trauma as well as support for our clients’ significant others.

In general, men find it difficult to ask for help for personal issues. The very existence of The Men's Trauma Centre gives men permission to reach out for this help. Sadly many boys and teens experience or witness violence in the home, or are subjected to emotional, physical or sexual abuse. This early experience often impacts their ability to form healthy relationships, accept constructive criticism or even feel good about themselves.

When these men are able to receive compassionate support and access the specialized counselling therapy that is offered at the Men's Trauma Centre, they begin to get their lives back on track. They become happier individuals, more responsive partners, more involved parents and fully functioning members of their communities.

Our Story What We Do

Apart from providing counselling and victim support services our mandate includes:

  • Acquiring and developing educational materials concerning the traumatization of males and gathering statistics for dissemination to professionals and the community at large.
  • Assisting other agencies, through educational outreach, to improve their responses to their own male clients who may also be survivors of trauma.
  • Working in cooperation with other service agencies and professionals allows us to ensure comprehensive case management with respect to male survivors who seek treatment or support from whatever source.

We also consult with community and government groups in the areas of prevention, treatment, legal issues and other matters relating to the sexual violation of males.

Our Programs How We Do It

Victim Services:

Our Victim Services Program provides non-clinical help to adult and mature youth male victims of sexual assault, survivors of childhood physical and sexual abuse. Our professionally-trained Victim Services Coordinators, Frances Strauss and Sue Farr, can offer you emotional support and can give you information about legal matters such as reporting abuse to the police. They can also help set up counselling sessions for men who want to share their feelings with one of our professional counsellors.

Counselling Services:

Individual — Our counsellors meet one-on-one with men who have experienced trauma. Sessions are for one hour and are usually scheduled weekly, but can change based on the individual needs of the client. In some cases, counselling may be funded by provincial compensation or other third-party coverage. Some men may also qualify for a sliding fee scale.

Group — Group Counselling cycles run for ten weeks and are offered two or three times a year. Men may participate in as many cycles of group as they wish.

Support for Partners/Significant others — Counselling for partners is available on a short-term basis. Support groups for partners and significant others are offered from time to time as needed.

What You Can Do

Donations to support counseling.

Many of our clients have limited means. Some have no ability to pay for much needed counselling. Your donation could help a man turn his life around.

Please consider making a donation by clicking here.


We continue to grow as more and more men find us and take advantage of our services. We hope to be able to expand our office and counselling space in the near future. In particular, we are in need of a larger space for our men's groups. We can conduct these groups off site if a suitable location can be found.

We also hope to upgrade our phone system to a multi-line system with 4-6 handsets and voice mail capability.


The Men's Trauma Centre welcomes applicants to its board of directors. The main requirement is a desire to improve the quality of life of men who struggle with the long term impacts of trauma. We particularly seek expertise in the areas of finance and accounting, legal matters, marketing, small business, media and fund raising.

Volunteers also play a vital role in supporting our administrative staff by working in the front office. Training and ongoing support is provided.

Call or email if you would like more information about these volunteer opportunities.

We are a Canadian Registered Charity, and are able to issue tax receipts for both “in kind” and cash donations.


Paula Greene
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 875579302RR0001

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Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 220,000