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KidCareCanada Society translates current research and applies technology to produce appealing educational resources that are relevant to the 21st century new parent.

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KidCareCanada Society translates current research and applies technology to produce appealing educational resources that are relevant to the 21st century new parent. The wide accessibility of these resources enables all children to have equal opportunity to the best possible start in life, and promotes the health, happiness and well-being of future generations.

KidCare Canada SocietyOur Story What We Do

KidCareCanada was conceived in 1987 by Estelle Paget who wanted to create a television program to inspire and inform parents about their important role. She approached Dr. Andrew Macnab, Pediatrician at BC Children's Hospital. He agreed with the need and enthusiastically came on board. They received provisional acceptance by CBC Television but unfortunately, no funding. They put the project on the back burner and revived it in 2007 when Estelle stopped working full time.

During 2007-2009 this concept was shared with world-renowned researchers and leaders in Infant and Early Childhood Development, practitioners in Northern Health, foundations and community groups, all of whom expressed support.

In 2010, KidCareCanada produced a pilot DVD – Bath Time. It formed the basis of a research study conducted through UBC Faculty of Medicine and BC Children's Hospital. Dr. Andrew Macnab and Estelle Paget reported on the findings at an international conference co-organized by the American and Canadian Pediatric Societies and Indigenous Child Health.

In 2011, KidCareCanada Society received its charitable designation.

Since then, KidCareCanada Society has been producing its educational program: Hugs for a Brighter Future and supporting new parents during the critical early months of their child's life.

KidCare Canada Society mom and babyOur Programs How We Do It

Hugs for a Brighter Future Educational Program:

  • Early Nurturing Lifelong Benefits: Ten quotes from leading researchers and practitioners reflect the essence of early nurturing. This four-minute video provides the rationale for the work we do and resides permanently on our home page.
  • Postpartum Depression Series (PPD): Families and healthcare practitioners can learn about the critical importance of recognizing and treating perinatal depression and anxiety. Includes interviews with leading experts and personal accounts from mothers who experienced these and recovered through a variety of professional interventions.
  • Emotional Safety: Developed in partnership with Vancouver Native Health Society, two formats – three-minute overview video and 20-minute full-length video. These provide foundational information about early nurturing. A series of interviews with leading experts and footage of actual parents modeling nurturing behaviours highlight 10 key messages. Available in DVD format and widely used in prenatal programs, various family resource programs, by infant development professionals and in 98 Aboriginal communities in the province.
  • Born to Communicate: This five-part series describes how language develops in infants, what parents can do to encourage language development and why this is crucial for their child's health and happiness.
  • Fun in the Tub: This new video is being developed to demonstrate how to safely bathe a baby and use bath time as an opportunity for parents to connect with their infant.

Early childhood is critically important to life-long mental and physical health and happiness. To this end in addition to our educational program we:

  • Provide educational presentations to raise awareness about the importance of early nurturing to community and professional organizations
  • Contribute to the body of knowledge around infant development
  • Provide educational resources to be used by organizations and educators who support vulnerable new parents
  • Collaborate with other organizations working to support families

What You Can Do

With financial support, KidCareCanada Society will be able to expand its educational resources and reach a broader audience.

Brain development during the very early months and years of life has life-long consequences for the child.

The relationships a child forms during that time create a template for ALL future relationships.

When infants are well-nurtured...

The impact on the child and family is immediate and long-lasting.

The impact on our community is also long-lasting. These children have:

  • A lower incidence of mental and physical illnesses, bullying behaviours, substance abuse and crime
  • Improved resiliency, ability to learn in school, to form and maintain healthy relationships and become productive citizens
  • A great likelihood of becoming nurturing parents

The child, the family and society benefit when children "start out on the right foot."


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