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Working with communities to protect Canada's islands in the Salish Sea.

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The Islands Trust Fund is the conservation land trust for Canada's islands in the Salish Sea. We protect natural landscapes as nature reserves and empower property owners to protect private land through innovative programs.

The Islands Trust Fund currently protects 26 nature reserves and stewards over 65 conservation covenants.

We all have a role to play in preserving the rare and beautiful ecosystems of the Islands. The Islands Trust Fund is working with you - island landowners, visitors, conservancies and government to preserve the island landscapes you love.

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The Islands Trust Area - Canada's Salish Sea - holds some of the most endangered ecosystems in Canada. Iconic landscapes found in the islands, including arbutus woodlands and Garry oak meadows, provide sanctuary to more than 100 species-at-risk.

The islands face significant development pressure. The region's mild weather and stunning scenery draw new residents and visitors to the islands and surrounding urban areas each year. Careful planning is needed to make sure we don't harm the islands' sensitive ecosystems, destroying the very landscape we love. 

The Province of British Columbia created the Islands Trust Fund in 1990 to protect land in nature reserves, in an effort to preserve the region's ecosystems. Since then, we've expanded the ways we're protecting our region. We are:

  • working with landowners to protect ecosystems on private property,
  • building a strong conservation alliance by supporting local island conservancies, and
  • demonstrating the highest standards of stewardship in our nature reserves.

Islands Trust Fund Mt. ArtabanOur Programs How We Do It

In partnership with other local conservancies, we protect the natural beauty of these islands by:

  • Securing core conservation areas
  • Finding ways to protect biodiversity on working landscapes
  • Conserving marine ecosystems and habitats
  • Helping local governments prioritize biodiversity in local planning
  • Promoting community participation in conservation; and
  • Supporting and enhancing the work of our partners.

The Islands Trust Fund is currently partnering with the Thetis Island Nature Conservancy to purchase Fairyslipper Forest as Thetis Island's first community nature reserve. Visit our website to make your pledge today!

Support Islands Trust FundWhat You Can Do

  • Support conservation: donate to the Islands Trust Fund
  • Leave a natural legacy for your community: protect your land as a nature reserve
  • Protect natural areas on your land: register a conservation covenant
  • Create a home for nature: keep your land natural

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