Island Pathways

Working on Salt Spring Island to help create a safe, healthy, non-motorized environment to make our island safer for all road users.

Our Impact Why We Exist

We came into existence to advocate for a bikeway through the island. This work continues, with hopes and successes growing since the SSI Transportation Commission was created in late 2007.

We're needed because Salt Spring has busy country roads, not easy or safe for those wanting to walk, cycle, and get around with mobility aids.

We've produced an award-winning map to help people get around with ease, while appreciating what they're seeing, its history and import.

We put kids in bicycle helmets and, with the RCMP, teach them safe riding skills.

We're working to make the island greener, environmentally and economically, for present and future generations. With improved active transportation, we'll all be healthier, too.

cover of Island Pathways 40-page history booklet, 1988-2013Our Story What We Do

Since 1988, we've been strong advocates and a hard-working board to make getting around Salt Spring on foot, bicycle, and mobility aid safer and more enjoyable.

We rally volunteers, grants, donations, in-kind services and materials, and every kind of help we can get from our incredibly generous community on island and farther afield to forward our various projects.

We also partner with local, regional, provincial, and occasionally national and international organizations — government, business, and non-profit — to build pathways, publish materials, work with kids on their bicycles, put in bike racks, and hold special events.

We're always very keen to continue our successes and expland on them. We expect to complete the Ganges Village Pathways Network by 2016; produce a "Walking and Hiking Map of Salt Spring Island" by 2015 June, host a month-long "Salt Spring Walking Festival" by 2016 June.

Our Programs How We Do It

We leverage. For every dollar of grants and donations and every hour of volunteer time, we value-add to the max, filling important community needs for minimal costs, huge benefits, and great community satisfaction.

  • Partners Creating Pathways: 4 community organizations working with Island Pathways to build the Ganges Village Pathway Network, nearly $1-million in community-owned infrastructure to be completed in 2016, with >15% of costs coming from taxpayers;
  • award-winning Heritage Map with Bike Routes sales, a must-have for residents and visitors alike, in its 3rd edition since 2001, with ever-more poster of it in kiosks around the island
  • Helmets for Life, putting every elementary school student in a proper-fitting, quality helmet since 2001; holding bike rodeos with the RCMP to teach safe riding skills
  • Bicycle Working Group:— Bike Racks: 36 installed throughout the island, more to come;— advocating for a bikeway through Salt Spring since 1988;— vital, major contributor to the CRD's Pedestrian & Cycling Master Plan for Salt Spring Island and partnering with the CRD to implement it;— special events hosting: AGM speakers, Cycling Forum 2010, Easter Bicycle Parade 2011, Velo Village 2012, raising $22,000 for World Bicycle Relief in Africa

photo collage of a pathway-building work partyWhat You Can Do

Our hard-working volunteer board owes its many successes to the generousity of community members and organizations for their donations, grants, in-kind services and materials, grants, volunteer labour, positive feedback and press, and more. We're very luck and very grateful.

To get involved, sign up for an Island Pathways membership — $10/year; 3 years for $25 — via our website, either by PayPal or Canada Post. You can then tell us which activity in our list you'd like to help with.

Or you can send us word of the work you'd like to spearhead that forwards our mandate, and we'll do our best to get behind you.


Brenda Guiled
President, Island Pathways
Charitable Number: 873676647RR0001

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