Hulitan Family & Community Services

Providing social and emotional support through programs and services to Aboriginal children, Aborignal youth, and Aboriginal families who live within the urban communities of the Greater Victoria area.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Hulitan, pronounced, "Hull-ee-ton", is a Coast Salish word.

It's from the Cowichan dialect, meaning "saver of life, life giver." It takes a community to raise a child, and urban areas are comprised of many Nations. Thus, we value the traditional teachings of all Aboriginal people.

We provide social and emotional support to Aboriginal children, youth and their families. Our vision ensures that families and youth have access to culturally appropriate programs and services regardless of financial ability.

Our Story What We Do

In February 2010 HFCSS (Hulitan Family and Community Services Society) was incorporated and in April of 2010, after many years of service, separated from M'akola Group of Societies, the umbrella organization to Hulitan Social Services Society. The separation process was planned and developed over a period of three years in order to ensure a smooth and sustainable transition for the new Society. April 1, 2011 marked the first anniversary of HFCSS and 12 months of service to the Aboriginal community.

Hulitan is committed to providing culturally sensitive and aware programming and services to the Aboriginal community. We are aware that the urban communities are comprised of many different Nations, therefore we respect and value the traditional teachings of all Aboriginal people.

  • To ensure Aboriginal children, youth and families are connected to their culture.
  • To ensure Aboriginal children and youth remain and/or are returned to a safe and healthy environment.
  • To provide individual, family and group support to urban Aboriginal children, youth and families.
  • To promote cultural awareness and foster a positive cultural identity.
  • To provide appropriate community and service referrals.
  • To provide skills and knowledge to aid in improving the lives of urban Aboriginal people and communities.

Our Programs How We Do It

Intensive Parent Support Program

KWEN'AN'LATEL  |  WALKING TOGETHER Intensive Parent Support Program -  This program is a three-stage mandated parenting program for Aboriginal parents or parents of Aboriginal children whom are Ministry (MCFD) involved. The program provides a collaborative service planning process to reduce risk to families in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner. (Read more…)

Intensive In-Home Parent Support Program

FAMILY DEVELOPMENT RESPONSE TEAM  |  Intensive In-Home Parent Support Program - This provides short-term (3 to 6 months), intensive service to families who have been identified as being in need of intervention, or who are at high risk of removal due to issues impacting the safety and well being of their children. (Read more…)

Child and Youth Mental Health Program

L, KI, L  (LTHW,KEE,L)  |  CONFIDENCE Child and Youth Mental Health Program - This program provides assistance to families to improve the care of their children aged six to 12, to enhance stability and a sense of identity, to encourage the use of community resources, and to prevent the need for protection intervention. (Read more …)

Sexual Abuse Intervention Program

NIL YEK OLs  |  HER HOPE Sexual Abuse Intervention Program - This program provides counselling and support services to Aboriginal children and their families who have been sexually abused, or who display sexualized behaviour. Services offered combined therapeutic interventions with culturally appropriate practices. (Read more …)

Cultural Learning Program

JOURNEYS OF THE HEART  |  Cultural Learning Program - This is an innovative cultural learning program for Aboriginal children two to five years of age, and their caregivers. The program utilizes culturally appropriate activities to build on the capacity of urban Aboriginal children and their families, as they prepare to enter the educational system. (Read more …)

Supported Access Program

Supportive Access Program |  Supportive Access Program - The program is designed to provide families with a safe, supported and culturally relevant environment to have access to each other. (Read more …)

What You Can Do

Hulitan Family and Community Services Society is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of others to operate. If you would like to become our supporter and donate to our charitable organization please go to our website for our contact information. All my relations.


Kendra Gage
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 814818860RR0001

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