Habitat Acquisition Trust

Habitat Acquisition Trust helps people understand and care for nature in the Capital Region. As a local land trust, we work to permanently protect natural areas, provide environmental education, and foster stewardship of our forests, meadows, streams, wetlands, and shorelines.

Habitat Acquisition Trust - Create a Conservation LegacyOur Impact Why We Exist

HAT helps people find ways to support nature, in their backyard, in nearby parks, and in the streams and waterways. The Capital region's warm, mild climate is home to species and habitats that cannot be found anywhere else in Canada - and some of these ecosystems and species are the most endangered in the country. There are 116 species at risk that live here, and they need the support and care of all our regions residents. Our land care decisions will be our conservation legacy.

Bald EagleOur Story What We Do

HAT has protected over 4600 acres of natural landscapes in the Capital region, sent over 50,000 students to environmental education programs at Goldstream Park, helped 16 schools create native plants, and helped over 500 families commit to maintaining wildlife habitat on their properties as Habitat Stewards. We've also built homes for endangered turtles, discovered new populations of endangered snakes and slugs, helped restore Garry oak meadows, streamsides, and wetlands throughout the region.

Salmon Run programOur Programs How We Do It

  • Community Conservation Program - Working to permanently protect natural landscapes, and create understanding of our environment
  • Good Neighbours - Helping people care for waterways, parks, and nature in their neighbourhood.
  • Species-at-Risk Outreach - Helping people care for species at risk on their land
  • Green Spots - Creating outdoor native plant classrooms on school grounds
  • Goldstream Chums - Giving children the opportunity to experience the Goldstream Salmon Run with their class
  • Conservation Connection - Bring conservation organizations together for learning and collaboration
  • Urban Forest Stewardship Initiative - Working to understand and plan our region's forests and land cover through mapping and collaboration. Habitat Acquisition Trust's programs help people conserve, protect, and understand our environment.

Salamander ResearchWhat You Can Do

With financial support, HAT will be able to conserve significant natural areas in our region, that are critical habitat for hundreds of species of animals, that keep our air and water clean, and provide us with places to walk, hike, and explore nature. We will also be able to help local students experience restoring nature in their community, and give them opportunity to begin a lifelong love of the outdoor world.


Adam Taylor
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 889626545RR0001

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