Greater Victoria Police Victim Services

Working with police to help crime and trauma victims.

Greater Victoria Police Victim Services is dedicated to helping crime and trauma victims.Our Impact Why We Exist

Greater Victoria Police Victim Services (GVPVS) is a non-profit society established in 1983 to provide assistance to victims of crime and trauma. We provide services to victims of crime or trauma who may or may not have reported the crime to police or be involved with the criminal justice system. Working in partnership with seven police agencies in Greater Victoria, our vision is “victims achieve a state of well-being."

Our Story What We Do


  • We are committed to our clients and to our vision and mission.
  • We support the rights of victims.
  • We work collaboratively within GVPVS and with our police and community partners.


  • We are client-focused.
  • We provide exceptional service.
  • We are highly trained and professional.


  • We treat information from our clients and our police partners with confidentiality.
  • We earn trust by doing what we say.


  • We work in accordance with a Code of Ethics.
  • We are transparent.


  • We are compassionate.
  • We are non-judgmental and understanding.


  • We respect our clients and their uniqueness.
  • We respect each other and the different roles we perform.


  • We respect the strengths and needs of the diverse communities we serve.
  • We strive to be inclusive and representative.

Our Programs How We Do It

Being a victim of crime or trauma is a frightening and unsettling experience. It is unpredictable, largely unpreventable, and often unexpected. The effects can be long-term and difficult to overcome. Greater Victoria Police Victim Services is here to help. Receiving support from Victim Services can:

  • Assist victims, their families and their friends with recovery from the impact of crime and trauma.
  • Assist a witness to a crime with their recovery.
  • Enhance safety and prevent the risk of further victimization.
  • Increase the level of participation and a victim’s sense of self-empowerment throughout their involvement in the criminal justice system.
  • Help put at ease and increase the effectiveness of a witness in court proceedings.

Access to Victim Services comes through police referrals, other agency referrals, and self-referrals by phone or in person.

“One never knows when tragedy can strike. When it does, one can only hope to find the resilience to get through it in one piece and be stronger as a result. It is people like you, with your kindness and consideration, who are helping to ease the pain.”

- A Former Client

What You Can Do

At Greater Victoria Police Victim Services our mission is: Working with police to help people impacted by crime and trauma.

We rely on your contributions to help us support victims of crime and trauma. You can make a donation by sending a cheque or money order to:

Greater Victoria Police Victim Services 850 Caledonia Avenue Victoria, BC V8T 5J8

You may also ‘Donate Now’ through Canada Helps.


Charitable Number: 107450090RR0001

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