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The Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival runs over six weeks, providing performing arts education and performance opportunity for students of all ages. We strive to cultivate a positive cultural space that allows students and teachers to share their love of preforming arts with their families, peers, and community supporters.

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The Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival provides an opportunity for child, youth, and adult performers to showcase their artistic talents to the community. Each year we strive to cultivate a positive cultural space that allows students and teachers to share their love of preforming arts with their families, peers, and community supporters.

Approaching our 90th year, Festival has been a longstanding platform for youth to receive guidance from national and international adjudicators, gain recognition for their hard work and dedication to the arts, and pursue opportunities to represent Greater Victoria at the provincial and national levels. Many of our past festival performers, such as Walter Prossnitz, Richard Margison, Benjamin Butterfield, Susan Platz, Jonathon Crow, and Timothy Vernon have gone on to have successful careers in the arts, and many more remain life-long arts enthusiasts.

Our Story What We Do

Founded in 1927, Festival has become one of the largest in the region, unifying over 15 disciplines of performing arts under one umbrella. During our six-week long festival, thousands of students of all ages and skill levels take to the stage to sing, play instruments, recite, and dance before skilled national and international adjudicators. Adjudication is a key aspect of Festival as it develops students’ artistic skills and provides teachers with insight into coaching techniques used to nurture promising talent.

Exceptional performers are then given the opportunity to perform at special highlights concerts where we celebrate participation, achievement, and excellence of our young performers. Those selected by adjudicators receive monetary awards to not only help further their artistic endeavours, but to motivate participation in the arts and reward excellence.

Our Programs How We Do It

Festival owes its success and longevity to the ongoing support of over 300 volunteers annually.  Our teams of dedicated volunteers undertake essential tasks including governance, fundraising, awards management, publicity, media, grant applications, sponsor management, volunteer management, and scheduling over 2,000 performances that take place in eleven different venues across Victoria. Every year we also recruit qualified and experienced adjudicators for each discipline, organize and manage the adjudicated sessions, and provide support to the adjudicators during their contract.

We estimate that our thirteen board members donate over 4,000 hours annually, and our Discipline Heads contribute over 2,700 hours per year.    

We are so incredibly grateful for the time and effort our volunteers dedicate, the support we receive from generous individuals, groups, and corporations, and the community members that enable Festival to be what it is today.

What You Can Do

This is your chance to be part of a community that provides young performing artists with an opportunity to express themselves, develop their skills, inspire and engage with other performers, and give back to their family, teachers, and community supporters.

Your support is greatly appreciated and is critical to ensuring Festival can continue to sustain its operation. Charitable donations will also go towards facilitating our community outreach as we look to enhance our online presence and implement additional awareness initiatives.

To learn more about how you can contribute to the future of our youth and performing arts in our community, go to our website at


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