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Georgia Strait Alliance collaborates with individuals, businesses and government to protect and restore the marine environment, and promote the sustainability of the Strait of Georgia, its adjoining waters, and communities.

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In Victoria, residents and visitors can look forward to continuing to swim, fish and play in a healthy Strait of Georgia, thanks to Georgia Strait Alliance's work to protect these ecologically rich waters through initiatives designed to protect at-risk species, such as the orca; to reduce the threats of oil spills and to increase our preparedness; to lead integrated waterfront planning for our shorelines; and by providing marinas and recreational boaters with measures to reduce or eliminate contaminants from entering our waters.

Georgia Strait Alliance has won legal protection for critical habitat of species at-risk, including the southern resident killer whale, and there are signs of recovering habitats: the return of eelgrass, which is critical to the survival of juvenile salmon; encouraging results on the return of herring; and flourishing Purple Martin swallow populations, which were nearly extinct, in the waters nearby eco-certified marinas by Clean Marine BC.

Through outreach and education, Georgia Strait Alliance encourages a culture of collaboration and conservation; one in which every individual is a Steward of the Strait, and each one of us takes personal responsibility to reduce negative impacts on the environment and the marine life when boating, beach combing, bird watching, or kayaking or simply being out on the water.

The recreational, economic, cultural and community-related opportunities from a clean and healthy Georgia Strait are a major reason this is such a wonderful place to live. With over 1,300 members, Georgia Strait Alliance is a powerful voice advocating for a clean, accessible, vibrant and sustainable Strait today and for future generations.

species at risk, whales, marine, oceanOur Story What We Do

Mission — Georgia Strait Alliance's mission is to protect and restore the marine environment, and to promote the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters, and communities.

Commitment — Georgia Strait Alliance is committed to a future for our region that includes clean water and air, healthy wild salmon runs, rich marine life and natural areas, and sustainable communities achieved by using science-based solutions, and collaborating across sectors to empower citizens and communities with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively engage and advocate for a healthy marine life.

Goals — Georgia Strait Alliance works to:

  • Protect biodiversity and wildlife habitat;
  • Restore the region’s water and air quality;
  • Promote the social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability of the region’s communities;
  • Foster understanding and stewardship of the marine environment;
  • Raise awareness of the links between healthy ecosystems and prosperous human communities;
  • Recognize the rights and title of First Nations and, where appropriate, to work in partnership with to achieve these goals.

students enjoy a day on the water with GSAOur Programs How We Do It

Ocean Literacy — Georgia Strait Alliance's outreach and public education activities increase the public’s understanding of the importance of the health of the Strait of Georgia as a regional ecosystem and empower individuals to take an active part in conservation, ensuring the highest quality of life for all residents of coastal communities.

Waterfront Initiative — Georgia Strait Alliance brings together a diverse group of waterfront stakeholders and citizens to address the social, economic and ecological threats to the shoreline and to create an integrated plan to build and support a vibrant waterfront, which includes opportunities for recreation, transportation, education, industry, and public connection.

Clean Marine BC — Georgia Strait Alliance's eco-accreditation program helps demonstrates yacht clubs, marinas, harbour authorities, and boatyards to implement environmental best practices that reduce and/or eliminate contaminants from entering our waters. With over 700,000 recreational boaters in the Strait of Georgia, together we can have a large impact – positive or negative – on the marine environment.

Tankers & Spills — Projects such as Kinder Morgan’s plans to triple the capacity of the Trans Mountain pipeline, would bring more than 400 tankers a year through the Georgia Strait, dramatically increasing the threat of a devastating oil spill in this ecologically-rich region. Georgia Strait Alliance is working to improve oil spill prevention and response, and to prevent the region from becoming a fossil fuel super-highway.

What You Can Do

The strength of the organization is held in its 1300 members, along with donors, volunteers, business partners, funders and collaborating organizations. Together, we have a strong voice for the protection of our ecologically rich marine environment, and for the 119 at-risk marine species, and three million people who call this region home.

Discover what we do! — Read the current issue newsletter (Fall 2016) to discover the ways Georgia Strait Alliance works and engages with the community and experts to find science-based solutions to the problems and issues that threaten Georgia Strait.

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