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To support those with developmental and other disabilities in making a life, a home, and a place in the world.

 Garth Homer SocietyOur Impact Why We Exist

The Garth Homer Society provides day services to more than 175 adults with developmental disabilities. But for us, "day services" mean much more than simple "day care." We believe that everybody has the potential to grow, to be and do more. The potential to make friends, become more independent and learn new skills. Every day, we strive to help our clients make a life, a home and a place in the world.

At Garth Homer, our clients display an astounding range of capabilities. Some get up and go to work each day. Others have taught themselves to read and type in our Computer Resource Centre. In our Artworks program, participants produce work of astonishing emotional and visual depth. For others, a good day is one in which they can take on a simple task and see it done, or simply get through to dinner without crushing anxiety.

Whatever their abilities, our clients share one thing - hopes for the future and a place in the world. Our job is to help them realize those hopes.

 Garth Homer Society day programsOur Story What We Do

People with developmental disabilities want what most people want - to be accepted among friends and to have a daily purpose. At Garth Homer, we provide the care, the supports, the encouragement, the society, and the learning to help make this happen. Our goal at Garth Homer is to provide a life-long continuum of support and inclusion for adults with developmental disabilities. We aim to meet their changing needs at every stage of life.

Each day, more than 175 Garth Homer clients set off into the world to live their lives. Many of them arrive to join their teams at the Garth Homer Centre in Saanich, our home base for day services and programs, and a centre of engagement and friendship for most. From the Centre, they disperse into the community. Many others arrive at employment or volunteer placements across Greater Victoria, coordinated by our Employment Services team. Every day, most of our clients spend most of their time out in the community. It is as part of the community that they find the greatest opportunities to learn and grow.

 Garth Homer SocietyOur Programs How We Do It

Today, in response to both demographic and fiscal pressures, the structure of services at GHS is changing. We are reorganizing our programs into three broad groups: geriatrics, social life skills, and learning for inclusion and employment. Our geriatrics programs serve 33 clients (half of whom have dementia) through activities focused on the maintenance of inclusion and social connections, and functional and cognitive abilities. Our social life skills programs, of which there are three that are distinguished by diagnostic criteria, serve 67 clients, and are focused on learning and inclusion for individuals with profound disabilities and high needs. And finally, we are currently restructuring a number of our learning and employment programs — including supported employment, community volunteering, disability arts, and digital learning — into a more comprehensive program of post-secondary learning for inclusion and employment for young adults coming out of special needs programs in high school.

Our clients are unique, skilled individuals with varied talents and abilities. Our programs and services are the same. We offer a range of team-based programs that cater to specific interests and skills. From building communication skills, to overcoming physical disabilities or encouraging artistic talent, our programs nurture the potential of our clients to grow and develop. No matter the passion or challenge, our flexible services can meet our clients' needs.

 Garth Homer Society arts programWhat You Can Do

The success of the Garth Homer Society programs and services relies on the continuing support of funders and donors. Generous support from donors is what makes the difference between the bare-bones services funded by government, and the rich life experience we are able to provide — between a simple and basic day-care service and real quality of life and community inclusion. If you have an interest in making a direct and immediate difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in our community, please be in touch. There are many ways your donation can help.


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