Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association

Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association provides therapeutic riding and equine-based therapeutic services for persons with disabilities.

Cowichan Therapeutic Riding AssociationOur Impact Why We Exist

The Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association provides therapeutic riding and equine-based therapeutic services for persons with disabilities. We promote and facilitate access to horses as a therapeutic alternative, recreational/sport opportunity, and agent of well-being in the lives of all participants. Through the power of the human-equine bond, CTRA brings together individuals, families, and the community in the spirit of healing, inclusion, and human growth.

Cowichan Therapeutic Riding AssociationOur Story What We Do

“Therapeutic Riding” is often called “Equine Assisted Therapy.” Therapeutic riding is an alternative form of therapy that utilizes horses to help people realize various therapeutic goals. Therapeutic riding is especially beneficial for persons with various disabilities.

The therapeutic benefits of equine-based therapies, activities, and education can extend far beyond simply riding a horse. Activities involving the horse can be used to assist people in achieving physical and mental health as well as cognitive, behavioral, social and communication goals.

At CTRA our goal is threefold:

  1. To facilitate and promote access to horses as a therapeutic alternative and agent of well-being.
  2. To improve the quality of life for all people involved in our program with an emphasis on providing opportunities for persons living with disabilities.
  3. To offer opportunities for vocational development, volunteerism, workplace training, and employment for persons facing barriers to employment.

Cowichan Therapeutic Riding AssociationOur Programs How We Do It

For people with disabilities, especially those with mobility problems, therapeutic riding can provide the essential physical activity (cardio, balance, coordination, strength) required to live positively with a number of conditions (cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal/brain injuries, etc.).

Beyond offering a life-changing (and sometimes life-saving) therapeutic service, CTRA's program provides recreational, sport, horsemanship, and vocational-development programs to help promote health, activity, education, empowerment, and independence in the lives of people with disabilities in our community.

For all of our participants, work with horses provides opportunities for independence, responsibility, self-esteem, affinity, inclusion, freedom, and countless other aspects of well-being.

CTRA provides a community space where barriers are deconstructed and people of all abilities work together towards individual and group goals within the larger picture of an inclusive community. The common thread for everyone at CTRA is a love for horses and the belief that these animals are a positive force in the lives of all people.

Cowichan Therapeutic Riding AssociationWhat You Can Do

The Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association is always welcoming new friends. CTRA survives and thrives on the on the support of our community. Some of the ways you can get involved with CTRA:


Our volunteers discover a rewarding and life-changing opportunity to share their passion for horses with people of all abilities and backgrounds.


CTRA is a registered charitable organization that currently depends on fundraising, donations, grants, and user fees, to fund its operational budget. CTRA welcomes donations of any kind. By volunteering your time or expertise, attending/sponsoring an event, or by becoming a donor or sponsor, you are ensuring that CTRA’s programs are available to those who need it most.

Our supporters make a difference in the lives of our participants – and in our community.

To learn more about how you can get involved, contact us today!


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