Canadian Diabetes Association

More than 10 million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes. We are working together to lead the fight against this chronic disease by helping those affected by diabetes live healthy lives, preventing the onset and consequences of this disease, and discovering a cure.

Our Impact Why We Exist

The Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) is a national health charity founded in 1953. The Vancouver Island branch is one of 150 across Canada and we have been serving the local community for over 45 years.

With diabetes a growing epidemic, affecting over 3 million Canadians, and prevalence expected to reach 4.2 million by 2020, the need for the CDA continues to remain strong. Our mission is to lead the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while we work to find a cure and delivering on this mission has never been more important.

In the Vancouver Island branch we support people living with diabetes through research, advocacy, education and services. We offer education and services to people with diabetes, their families and caregivers and have a strong commitment to providing programs that promote healthy lifestyles to prevent diabetes and foster supportive communities.

Our Story What We Do

There are significant, personal costs for people living with diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease with sometimes fatal complications, thus daily management is a lifelong commitment, requiring sustained effort by the individual 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

With the help of volunteers, sponsors and dedicated staff, we deliver our mission by providing education, programs and services to people with diabetes, advocating on their behalf, supporting innovative research, and setting the standard for diabetes care.


Our current advocacy issues are; Amputation Prevention, Expand Insulin Pump Coverage, Expansion of Disability Tax Credit, Establish a National PharmaCare Program, Tax Sugar Sweetened Beverages.


The CDA funds Canada’s most renowned scientists and clinicians in their quest for new and innovative developments in the prevention, treatment, and management of diabetes.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Recognized internationally, and updated every five years since 1993, these guidelines provide recommendations on screening, prevention, diagnosis, education, care, and management of diabetes.

Our Programs How We Do It

Our programs and services encourage people to live healthier lives by providing practical and accessible information that is helpful and meningful to them.

Walk & Talk

A weekly program offering short educational talks by health and diabetes experts, followed by a walk to share concerns, ask questions and build community

Brenda has had Type 2 diabetes for 9 years. After many years of caring for others, Brenda found that she needed support in caring for her own condition, and recently surgery for diabetes-related health issues showed her the necessity of self-care became unavoidable. She likes that the workshops address health issues, such as dental care, that are not commonly associated with diabetes. Brenda participates in the half hour walk around the Cedar Hill neighbourhood, and enjoys getting exercise in the sunshine. She explains the importance of everyday ongoing diabetic care: “You gotta watch your blood sugar. You gotta watch your blood glucose.” Along with exercise, Brenda has to be careful to eat three meals a day at the right times. She says, “Diabetes teaches you to take good care of yourself.


In an effort to expand the number of people with diabetes that we can reach in remote communities and provide accessible free diabetes education.


The CDA has been operating camps for children and youth living with type 1 diabetes since it first opened its doors in 1953. Camp Kakhamela on Quadra Island has become a tradition for families of children living with type 1 diabetes on Vancouver Island. For Family Camp, the objective is to provide families with opportunities to learn more about type 1 diabetes in a positive and supportive, non-medical environment.

What You Can Do

More than 20,000 Greater Victorians live with diabetes, and the chances are that you, or someone you love, is affected by the disease. This is the reason we must continue the fight. We put your donations to work by helping people with diabetes in your community live healthy lives.

There are many ways you can help us continue to support diabetics living in our community. You can; Become a member of CDA, Volunteer, donate to Clothesline, make a Donation, take part in Workplace Giving, host a Fundraiser, set up a Tribute, join Team Diabetes or become an Advocate.

You can also visit our non-profit Medical Supply Store in Victoria. It is the go-to place for quality customer service, competitive pricing and supplies for the diabetes community; from specialty socks to wound care and pump supplies.

Visit our website to find out more about the ways you can support us.


Penny Murray
Branch Coordinator
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Charitable Number: 118830744RR0001

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