Broadmead Care Society

A caring society where people of all ages and abilities achieve their full potential.

Broadmead Care SocietyOur Impact Why We Exist

The Broadmead Care Society provides adult day programs and residential care every year for hundreds of WWII and Korean War veterans and seniors at the Lodge at Broadmead and Veterans Health Centre and residential care for 40 adults with disabilities at Nigel House and Harriet House.

Vision: A caring society where people of all ages and abilities achieve their full potential.

Mission: To help build a caring society by providing excellent health, social and housing services for veterans, seniors and other adults.

Broadmead Care Society Our Story What We Do

The Broadmead Care name has changed several times over this historical timeline but we remain unwavering in our commitment to build on a legacy of delivering exceptional care.

1973 – Our first care facility, Tillicum Lodge, opens as a personal care home. At that time, we are called the Glendale Lodge Society.

1974 – Veterans Affairs Canada and the BC Ministry of Health go into partnership to provide health services to veterans in residential care. The Veterans Memorial Pavilion is transferred to the Provincial Government, forming the basis of the Priority Access Beds program.

1980 – The Glendale Lodge Society acquired Oak Bay Lodge.

1987 ­– The Glendale Lodge Society was renamed the Oak Bay – Tillicum Care Society.

1989 – The society is divided into the Tillicum Care Society and the Oak Bay Lodge Society. We become Tillicum and Veterans Care Society in 1992.

1993 – The Tillicum and Veterans Care Society, British Columbia Ministry of Health and Veterans Affairs Canada agreed to fund a new facility – the Lodge at Broadmead.

1995 – The Lodge at Broadmead opens in April. All residents of Tillicum Lodge and veterans from the Memorial Pavilion are moved to the new facility.

1999 – The Veterans Health Centre opens.

2007 – The Tillicum and Veterans Care Society is renamed the Broadmead Care Society to reflect our location in the Broadmead neighbourhood of Greater Victoria.

2009 – The Broadmead Care Society enters a new partnership with Nigel Services for Adults with Disabilities Society to operate the Nigel Program through a management services agreement.

2010 – The Nigel Society is consolidated into Broadmead Care Society in December.

2011 – Broadmead Care Society adopts an organizational growth plan and rebrands itself as "Broadmead Care".

Broadmead Care is committed to providing excellent, person-centred care to Canada’s veterans, frail seniors and adults with disabilities. We know our services make a difference to them. We know we provide a quality of life that goes beyond that which is mandated and funded in the public health system.

That is why we are proud to describe everyone associated with Broadmead Care with the short but meaningful phrase: Exceptional Care, Exceptional People.

Broadmead Care Society programsOur Programs How We Do It

Broadmead Care provides the following programs and services:

Lodge at Broadmead – residential care for 225 WWII and Korean War veterans and seniors. Services include meals, assistance with daily hygiene, dementia and end-of-life care, creative arts, music, volunteer and spiritual care programs, outings, entertainment and activities;

Veterans Health Centre – an adult day program for 160 WWII and Korean War veterans every week. Services include a hot meal, bathing, geriatric assessment, day and evening health and activity programs, respite care and support and educational sessions for spouses; and

Nigel Program for Adults with Disabilities – provides residential care for younger adults with disabilities between the ages of 19 and 55 at Nigel House (25 beds) and Harriet House (15 beds). Services include personal care and support, nursing, therapy, social work, and dietitian services and recreational, active living programs.

What You Can Do

Donations to Broadmead Care for the Nigel Program will purchase new adaptive cutlery and dishes ($4,000). The existing dishes are stained, cracked and old. Donations will also support residents' participation in a creative arts program. Arts and crafts are adapted to enable residents to create beautiful projects no matter what their artistic ability.

With more financial support, the Nigel Program residents who live on very low income can enjoy outings, arts and crafts, music and special treats.


Shannon Donnelly
Administrative Assistant and Event Coordinator
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