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Anawim House provides residential housing for those who are committed to change from a life of dependency to one of independence.

Anawim HouseOur Impact Why We Exist

Anawim House provides residential housing for those who are committed to change from a life of dependency to one of independence. Anawim provides a loving and nurturing environment for those wanting to improve their lives which are drug and alcohol free. We work with our residents and non-residents as a family to restore self-worth and develop life skills.

residents of Anawim HouseOur Story What We Do

The Founders of Anawim had a great goal:

To help people realize that they were capable of living a more fulfilling life. Their unique vision was to provide a home where those in need could contribute, rather than just be provided for, to restore their self-worth and function in a family setting, and to experience true compassion and support.

In 1991 a little house on the corner of Vancouver Street and Caledonia Avenue was purchased. The house soon proved to be too small to meet the needs of Victoria’s “street community”.

In 1994 through fundraising and community support, the present Anawim House opened its doors.

Over the years our service model has continuously evolved. Our residents and outreach guests now enjoy an environment free of the effects of drugs and alcohol. They find that the house is a safe, peaceful haven – away from the violence, substance abuse and dysfunction that is all too common when living in poverty or dealing with homelessness.

We have now extended our reach further into the community. Our residents and volunteers collect over stock and date sensitive fruit and produce from local grocery chains and distribute it to other shelters, community agencies and food banks.

The" big blue house" is recognized as both a good citizen and a good neighbour.

carving jack o' lanterns at Anawim HouseOur Programs How We Do It

The house provides a residential program for seven persons and a non-residential program for 25 persons per day. We provide meals, showers, laundry facilities and clothing.

Anawim assists people living in physical, emotional or social poverty who want to find a better way to live free of dependency. We have staff on hand to guide, advise and listen. Our residents receive in-house counselling and have access to outside trauma and addiction services which are paid for through donor support.

Residents (who pay $375 rent monthly) can stay as long as necessary to re-enter the workforce or pursue an educational goal. The only requirement is that they remain free from drugs or alcohol.

The same clean rule is also required for non-residents.

What You Can Do

Support of this program will enable us to provide sufficient food, clothing and toiletries for all those who need the service.


Terry Edison-Brown
House Director
Charitable Number: 119212256RR0001

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