Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Community Knowledge Centre (CKC)?

CKC invites charitable organizations to showcase their work and stories of impact — in their own words. CKC informs the community, donors and media about the issues facing our region so that they can better discuss, respond to and support immediate and long-term community needs.

Why did the Victoria Foundation launch the CKC?

The Victoria Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life in our community. While we inspire giving and care for the assets entrusted to us, we also invest in people, ideas and activities that strengthen our community. The CKC is a way for us to promote the organizations that we work with and support, and highlight the ways that they are working to solve the issues raised each year in Victoria’s Vital Signs® report.

How is CKC connected to Victoria’s Vital Signs®?

Victoria’s Vital Signs® is an annual report that measures the vitality of our region, identifies trends and assigns grades in areas critical to quality of life. CKC is the answer to the question, "Now what?" The website showcases the innovative and effective solutions that local organizations are undertaking to address issues and build on successes.

How are charitable organizations selected to be featured on the CKC?

As the CKC continues to grow, eligibility may change. Currently, organizations that have 1) received a Victoria Foundation Community Grant since 2010 and submitted a final report, or 2) have an endowment fund hosted by the Foundation are eligible.

What are the future plans for the CKC?

Victoria Foundation will continue outreach to eligible organizations, inviting them to create profiles on the CKC. As the site grows, CKC will become a go-to resource for the region, a place to connect people who care with causes that matter®.

What is the background of the CKC?

CKC was developed by the Toronto Foundation with assistance from IBM Canada. It was created in response to many requests for an accessible resource that could provide current information about what issues need addressing and where support is most needed in communities.

How can I use the CKC?

Visitors can search the site for charities by Vital Sign issue area, alphabetically by organization, by regional area, or by the populations served. Each profile includes an overview of the organization's work and links back to their own website, including information about how to donate or get involved. Whether you're new to Victoria, or you want learn more about where your support is most needed, the CKC is an accessible community resource.

I found an organization I'd like to know more about. How can I get involved?

We hope that the stories you find here inspire you to learn more, get involved and give back. We encourage you to get in touch directly with profiled organizations. You'll find contact information as well as a "Donate Now" link on each profile. The Victoria Foundation can provide you with more information about any organization listed on the site, or help direct a gift of funds.

I still have more questions. Who can I talk to?

If you have general inquiries about the Community Knowledge Centre or about the Victoria Foundation in general, please contact us:

Victoria Foundation
#109-645 Fort Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1G2

Telephone: 250.381.5532
Fax: 250.480.1129

Email: info@victoriafoundation.bc.ca
Website: www.victoriafoundation.bc.ca